Whether you’re renovating your current commercial property or setting up a completely new business, specialty receptacles, also known as outlets, are essential for electrical operations. Electrical outlets increase convenience for employees, safety measures and the efficiency of your company. There are various receptacles that can be used for a business and it may be confusing to decipher which ones you need. At Valiant Electric, we offer various specialty receptacle installations for companies completed by our diligent, licensed electricians. 

To understand which outlets and circuits are right for your commercial property, here’s our guide to some of the specialty receptacle installations we provide at Valiant Electric, your trusted electrical contractors in Edmonton.

Types of Specialty Receptacles

  • Surge-Proof Safety Outlets: TVs and computers are sensitive electronics that require surge-proof outlets to protect the devices. This type of outlet prevents damage from power spikes by joules. Joules offers protection, and the more joules in a surge outlet, the more protection for the electronic device.
  • GFCI Outlets: GFCI receptacles are commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms or garages, where there is a higher risk of an electrical shock. The outlet monitors the amount of electricity tripping and flowing from the circuit to detect an imbalance. If the receptacle detects an imbalance, then it will completely stop electrical flow.
  • Floor Outlets: Also known as floor boxes, this type of outlet is installed into the floor of the office instead of into the wall. Floor receptacles allow for electricity in areas that cannot have a wall-mounted outlet installed with ease. 
  • 240 Volt Receptacles: Larger appliances require more electricity to operate which 240-volt outlets allow for. This outlet is able to handle significant amounts of electricity safety. Air conditioners, water heaters and electric ranges are some examples of the larger appliances that require a 240-volt outlet.
  • Outdoor Safety Outlets: Businesses may require outdoor receptacles for various outside lighting and lawn equipment. This particular receptacle should be installed by our licensed electricians at Valiant Electric to ensure they are outfitted to prevent future water damage.
  • Duplex Wall Receptacles: Duplex outlets are installed and able to be connected together. Some microwaves and refrigerators may require specialty duplex outlets for their higher electrical demand. 

Replace Broken Receptacles To Avoid Hazards

If you are remodelling your current commercial property space, it’s important to include replacing your electrical outlets. Over time, outlets can break or become damaged, which poses a potential risk to your employees and customers. Outlets that are damaged can overheat and become a fire hazard if they are not replaced in time. In addition to overheating, the older receptacles could have faulty wiring that can cause sparks.

Still unsure of what specialty receptacles to have installed for your business? Our highly trained, efficient and effective electricians at Valiant Electric can help you decide. For all of your electrical services in Edmonton, call us for high-quality and results that exceed your expectations and always meet safety standards. For a free estimate, contact us today!